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I'm Kathy Depalo-Mooney

As a child, I grew up in a violent household. I lived every day with stress anxiety, depression and self-loathing.  I was mentally and verbally abused on a daily basis by my own mother. I hated every single thing about myself. I would never make eye contact, never speak a word of what was going on in my home, I held it all in.  I was full of self hatred, I hated the way I looked, felt fat, unlovable, unworthy of anything and just felt horrible everyday of my life. 

My Transformation.

At the age of 19  I began exercising as a way to try to gain confidence and fell in love with it! It really helped me to feel better about myself and I made sure I never missed a day.  Later in life, after I had my three children I became obsessed with working out as a way of coping with my anxiety and depression that comes with being bi-polar. Soon I developed an eating disorder, body dysmorphic disorder and Orthorexia. I would have panic attacks over food, so I ate as little as possible. The constant exercising for two hours or more a day and having an eating disorder wreaked havoc on my body.  I never took a day off, never gave my body a rest even if I was sick or just exhausted.  

Fortunately, I overcame these obstacles but the damage was done. In my early 40's, I was diagnosed with a pituitary brain tumor which affected my hormones.  I developed hypothyroidism, IBS, and in my mid-40s I developed the auto-immune disease Lupus. At that time I was a single mother of three young teen agers, struggling financially, stressed out trying to do everything myself while feeling like garbage. The chronic stress led to adrenal fatigue, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and I also got bit by a tick and developed Lyme's disease.  I was in bed for 6 weeks, unable to do much of anything, even showering was a challenge, all my body wanted was sleep.

My New Purpose!


Even though I lived through all of this stress and illness  it has not stopped me. I have been a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified Personal Trainer, Women's Fitness Expert and Fitness Nutrition Specialist.  Once I got Lupus, it  inspired me to become a Health Coach not only to help myself, but so I can help other women.

You see I know how you feel, I have been in your shoes , I feel your pain.  I know how stressful life can be, how easy it is to put yourself last because you have to take care of others.  Many women feel guilty if they take time for themselves, to do something to make them feel good about themselves. Whether it is losing weight, developing a healthy lifestyle or trading bad habits for better ones. It is so important to make time for yourself and to take care of yourself because others depend on you.  Most important of all you need to learn to love yourself, flaws and all. It took me many years and many illnesses to realize that it is ok if I miss a workout, or if I eat a cookie, my world will not end.  Life is too short to constantly worry about how you look or what you eat or if you will make it to the gym or not.

My experience changed my life in wonderful ways, and now, I’m on a path to help others! I want to help you reclaim your life and lose weight for good simply by breaking the dieting addiction!  I will show you how to change your mindset towards food and fitness.  Together we will silence that voice inside your mind that tears you down and is always so negative.  You would not speak to your child or best friend that way so why on Earth do we think these horrible thoughts about ourselves!  It's time to stop that for good.  It took me years to shut that voice up but now that I have life is so much more enjoyable.  It starts with self love.

 I have the passion, experience, and knowledge to help you achieve your health goals and lose weight for good! In addition to bringing you comprehensive nutritional information and resources based on science and medically proven research, I also have the personal experience to guide you and support you as you work to reach your health goals and reclaim your life! 

When you work with me you are working with a certified: Personal Trainer, Women's Fitness Expert, Nutritionist, Health coach, Gut Health Specialist and Group Fitness Instructor with a Masters Degree in Education.  I have 12 years of Personal Training experience as well as 3 years of Health Coaching experience.  I was a NYC teacher for 8 years and have been working out consistently for the past 33 years.  If you are looking for a well educated, compassionate coach who lives by the principals she teaches AND who knows exactly what you are going through, look no further.  

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