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How Estrogen Helps Your Everyday Health

Also known as female sex hormone, estrogens are present in both males and

females, although they are more abundant in women. Perhaps the most popular

amongst all hormones, it refers to a cluster of hormones with the same chemical

makeup and they have a significant impact on the organs, cells, and the overall

growth and functioning of the human body. These hormones are formed not only

in the ovaries, but also in adrenal glands and fat tissues. In the rest of this article,

you will know more about the different functions of estrogen in the human body,

and hence, providing you with a better understanding on how it is essential to

one’s health.

Physical Development of the Body

One of the most widely researched effects of estrogens on women’s health deals

with how they have an impact on physical appearance. This is comparable to

the way by which testosterone works amongst men, which is responsible for manly

characteristics, such as muscle mass. Estrogen, on the other hand, is mainly

responsible for defining a woman’s body an in making its physical structure

significantly different from that of a man.

The following are some of the effects of estrogen on the physical body of a


  • Having lesser and finer body hair

  • Preserving bone density, which makes shoulders narrower and pelvis broader

  • Shorter vocal cords resulting into a higher-pitched voice

  • Reduces muscle mass

  • Accelerates the ability of the body to burn fat

  • Develops fuller breasts

  • Production of milk