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How Quitting Sugar Benefits Your Health

You probably know all about the dangers of refined sugar. It rots your teeth,

increases your risk of chronic disease, causes weight gain and much more. But

quitting refined sugar doesn’t just allow you to avoid these adverse effects, it

also allows you to enjoy a range of benefits. The list below highlights five of the

top benefits you can enjoy by quitting refined sugar.

Enhanced Energy Levels

Refined sugar enters your bloodstream almost instantly which causes your

energy levels quickly surge and crash. When you start to eat less refined sugar,

these fluctuations in energy levels will become a thing of the past and you’ll find

that you generally have much more energy throughout the day. Not only does

this help you feel great but it also makes you much more productive and allows

you to perform all your daily tasks effectively.

Younger Looking Skin

One of the biggest negatives of consuming refined sugar is that it damages your

skin in numerous ways.

First, it causes the collagen and elastin in your skin to become inflamed. These structural proteins help your skin stay firm and youthful looking. When they

constantly become inflamed as a result of regularly eating large amounts of

refined sugar, they become less effective which causes your skin to sag and

wrinkles to form. Second, the inflammation caused by eating sugar has been shown to

aggravate various skin disorders including acne (a disorder characterized by red

pimples on the skin) and rosacea (a skin disorder characterized by burning and