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Intuitive Eating 101

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Thinking about getting in shape? Well, the first thing that you need to consider

would be your diet. What you are eating and how much you are eating would

decide how quickly and better you get in shape.

Now, of course, the first idea you get from this is that you should start to diet. Cut

off the carbs, the fats and a lot of other things from your diet. But the truth is you

don’t need to do that to get in shape, with the right kind of foods and by

keeping yourself close to nature and your roots, you can keep your body in very

good shape. It’s called intuitive eating.

What is intuitive eating?

You must have heard about this from a lot of people. If put into simple words,

intuitive eating is simply eating, but healthy eating. It does not restrict you from

cutting off any foods from your diet, rather it helps you to understand your body

and get the signals that it shows when something is not good for it. It frees you

from intense dieting and it creates a much healthy relationship with food. It’s all

about connecting with your roots.

Why intuitive eating is important?

If you don’t feed your body what it needs, you will never be able to maintain a

healthy weight and get in shape. Everybody is different and has different

requirements. What worked for someone else might not work for you. With

intuitive eating, you will be better be able to tune with your body.

You will know what your body requires, which foods it reacts to the best and

which foods it rejects. Only then you will be able to eat right and when you eat

right you can very easily maintain a healthy weight.

So, its all about intuition, you use your own mind to understand your body, you

use your intuition to reckon what your body would accept and what it would

reject. But how do you that? How do you eat with intuition? Well, keep reading to find

out everything about how you can learn to eat with intuition.

How can you eat with intuition?

Intuitive eating is pretty easy if you get the foods right and would be willing to

give up junk food. So, let's see how you can eat with intuition.

1. Forget about the starving diet plans

First things first, you will have to let go of that dangerous diet and stop

starving yourself. You don’t need to deprive yourself of food to get a

healthy weight. Accept the fact that those girls on the magazines are not

real, its all photoshop, and in real life, the glamorous are also like normal

girls with diverse body types. The photoshop might put them in the same

type but we know that it's not true. So, forget about being hungry all the

time and let’s switch to something good.

2. Put your phone down and turn off the tv while you eat

For once you will have to put down the phone while you eat. You have to

be mentally present there mentally while you eat. Know what you are

eating, how much you are eating, do you need another serving of food,

or you are full enough. When you are using your phone or watching tv

while eating, your mind is more focused on other activities rather than on

the food. This leads to excessive eating and not being able to fully

understand how your body has taken the food.

3. Eat when you are hungry

Starving yourself is never the right option. Don’t let hunger be your enemy.

Whenever you are hungry just feed yourself with something light. It will

keep your body functioning properly.

4. Stop Overeating

Just as you should eat when you are hungry, similarly you should stop

eating when you are full. Overfeeding leads to unhealthy weight gain and

effects the shape of your body. So be generous and eat only the amount

that is required. This is mindful eating when you are focused on your food

you will know how much more you need to eat and when you are full.

5. Give up emotional eating

One of the unhealthiest habits that you can have is emotional eating.

Excessive eating has never saved a problem and it never will. So, stop

emotional eating, you are just putting on weight for not a solid reason.

Find other ways to cope with your emotions.

6. Health is wealth

Nothing is more important in this world than your own health. You can

have all the money in the world but if you don’t have health, everything

else becomes useless. So, give importance to your health. Eat healthy

food. Cut out the junk food and replace it with fresh and healthy food.

Your body deserves it.

7. Only you know what your body needs

There are only two people in this world who know what your body

requires, you and your doctor. You can take help from a dietician to

suggest a healthy diet plan according to your body requirements, or you

can do that for yourself. You know how your body reacts to different

foods that you feed it with, so only you can cut off the bad effects and

add some more new good effects.

Remember fruits and vegetables are your friends forever. So how about

you switch to the healthy foods for some time and see if that has a good

effect on your body which it surely will. Always trust your own instincts

when it comes to food. With the help of a doctor, you know what’s best

for you. So, if some other girl is buying a product, doesn’t mean it would

be good for you too.


So, these are some small and brief tips that you can use to learn how to eat with

intuition. Eating with intuition simply means that you keep your body well fed

with only the healthy food. It is about going back to your roots and eating fresh

and free of chemicals. Remember there is nothing more important than your


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