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The Positive Effects of Sleep

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that sleep is beneficial for the body. After an

uninterrupted sleep session, you feel refreshed, full of energy and ready to take

on the day. The importance of sleep goes beyond boosting your mood and

energy levels. In recent years, scientists have gone to great lengths to

understand the health benefits that sleep brings. In this article we’ll be looking at

exactly how sleep enhances your health.

Better Memory

Numerous studies have shown that sleep has a positive effect on your memory

and allows the brain to become much better at remembering things.

Researchers believe this is the result of a process known as memory

consolidation whereby the brain recalls skills learned while you are awake.

Enhanced Concentration

Sleep is like nutrition for the brain. When you get enough of it, the chances of

losing concentration during the day are much less. This makes you much more

alert while you complete your daily tasks and has a direct positive impact on

your effectiveness, productivity and performance.

Faster Muscle Growth

The body releases growth hormone and builds new muscle cells while you are

sleeping. Not only does it renew and revitalize your cells, but it also repairs any

tissue damage. This is particularly beneficial if you perform weightlifting workouts,

as the intense exercises that make up these workouts tear your muscles slightly

so that they can grow back bigger and stronger. Sleep provides your body with

the platform it needs to fully repair these torn muscles and maximize your muscle